Develop Roadmap of XAVS Encoder

1. Stage1

    Targets: Encoder Framework and JiZhun Profile Implementation

     A. Support I, P, B encoding

     B. Support simple RC

     C. Support RDO and mode selection algorithms

     Time: 2009.9~2009.12


2.  Stage2

     Targets: Jizhun Profile Optimization

     A. Support MMX, SSE and related code optimization

     B. RC algorithms improvement

     C. Encoding Performance improvement

     Time: 20010.1~2010.03


3. Stage3

    Targets: Jizhun Profile build in the ffmpeg

     A. xavs API

     B. xavs library supports ffmpeg

     Time: 2010.4~2010.6


4. Stage4

    Targets: Mobile Profile Support

    Time: TBD


5. Stage5

    Targets: Mobile Profile Optimization

    Time: TBD